The Vision of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

This vision is based upon the belief that Shiloh M.B.Church will become a church based upon, proclaiming and living the Word of God; healing, delivering and conquering for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. It is: 

  • The vision of a place where all of God’s children: the sick, brokenhearted, depressed, oppressed, abused, addicted and confused can find peace, love, fellowship, guidance, acceptance, hope and encouragement.
  • The vision of a church not constrained to the walls and pews it is comprised of, but of a church in every believer, conducting service at every encounter, reaching lost souls on every corner, in every neighborhood, in every city of this county and beyond.
  • The vision of impacting every believer by helping them discover their gifts and talents God gave them.
  • The vision of a ministry rooted in the word of God helping to develop people to spiritual maturity through sound doctrine.
  • The vision of a church without walls, impacting this community at every level: educational, political, social and spiritual.
  • The vision of connecting with the remnant of God’s children to secure God’s land for God’s people to live by God’s standard.